How To Tip Cleaning Lady

How To Tip Cleaning Lady

How Much to Tip the Cleaning Lady?

Wondering how to tip cleaning lady?There are no general rules to tipping even though it is expected in most countries. Tipping those who perform a house cleaning services is usually seen as a gesture that shows appreciation of a job well done or acknowledgement that you see the effort made to deliver excellent service. There seems to be the general consensus that tipping is a gift even though it has grown to be a necessity in most professions. We will focus on different ways you can approach tipping cleaners from house cleaning companies.

How Much To Tip If I Hire A House Cleaning Service?

While there are no ground rules to tipping, a few things should be noted when dealing with maid services or home cleaners. Some cleaners live off tips as agencies pay only the minimum wage. Tips give them that added income to take care of a few things that their salaries don’t cover.

The amount to tip also depends on the duration of the cleaning service. The amount a one-time cleaner is tipped might be far more than one who does the job frequently. This is also different from those who are live-in cleaners. In the case of the latter, tips can come in form of salary increments and bonuses as regards outright tipping. This is a good way to show your appreciation for services rendered especially as you do not tip them daily.

If you are in doubt on how much to tip, you can reach out to their cleaning company and get clarification but it generally around $10-20.

Alternatives to Cash Tipping

Tipping can also include kind gestures and gifts instead of money. These gifts can include gift cards, a day or two off, a festive season present, tickets to a concert or just dinner at a fancy restaurant. This is highly dependent on the kind of relationship you have with the cleaning lady or cleaning company. Ensure this gesture is alright with them and that you aren’t over stepping any personal boundaries.

At Serene Maids, tipping is not required so we leave it up the judgment of the customer if they want to provide a tip. Here is some additional information you may want to reference if you would like more direction this this topic.

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